Author: daijy
Date: Fri May 14 01:38:55 2010
New Revision: 944077

PIG-1381: Need a way for Pig to take an alternative property file


Added: hadoop/pig/branches/branch-0.7/conf/
--- hadoop/pig/branches/branch-0.7/conf/ (added)
+++ hadoop/pig/branches/branch-0.7/conf/ Fri May 14 
01:38:55 2010
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
+# Pig default configuration file. All values can be overwritten by and command line arguments.
+# see bin/pig -help
+# brief logging (no timestamps)
+#debug level, INFO is default
+#verbose print all log messages to screen (default to print only INFO and 
above to screen)
+#exectype local|mapreduce, mapreduce is default
+#Do not spill temp files smaller than this size (bytes)
+#EXPERIMENT: Activate garbage collection when spilling a file bigger than this 
size (bytes)
+#This should help reduce the number of files being spilled.

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