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Third, isolation of the local government departments and the administrative 
utility of the SAR and the constraints of economic development zones. On a 
regional reform, opening up and economic development constraints, in addition 
to the central and provincial government departments from the outside, but also 
from the management of the development of regional government departments. The 
special zone administrative system advantages: First, improve administrative 
efficiency. In the administrative examination and approval of a unified 
administration, prevented a project Touzi, a Qi Ye registration, etc., needed 
to many a department for approval and the time very long phenomenon. Second, to 
prevent government departments and utilities on the enterprise administrative 
fees and fines. Even some zones, the protection of businesses in the region, 
does not allow government departments and the administrative utilities to the 
development zone to the charges and fines. This is why the SAR and the 
operation and development zone enterprises to invest in an important reason for 
lower cost. 
Fourth, the structure and experience, including economic development, 
industrial growth and development zones for non-SAR, as well as the formation 
of the national pilot, demonstration, diffusion, lead, and other associated 
effects. From the SAR, to the Free Trade Zone, to economic and technological 
development zones, from the national economic and technological development 
zones, to the provincial and municipal economic and technological development 
zones, the government in a special area and the park systems and policies, and 
gradually from point to surface, from the coast to the interior, from the 
central zone to test and promote local level development zones. This pattern of 
reform and opening up has greatly liberated the productive forces, increasing 
the spread of industry and association, due to division of labor, industrial 
extension, production and supporting, etc., plus the logistics distribution, 
development led the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Bay economic 
development, but to the Midwest industrial and transport development. Fan Gang, 
On the role of the SAR model in the system when that began to reform a big 
issue is the lack of information, lack of knowledge and, as the reform and 
opening of the SAR, the responsibility and act as a rapid absorbing 
introduction of various relations, systems and information an important 
mechanism. To clarify relations between various systems, to promote the smooth 
implementation of reforms, which require a region in all aspects of the reform 
to get this information. For the pilot reform of the country was full of 
knowledge, information, experiences and lessons learned, and then used to guide 
the country's reforms, the country to show the way to do model. This is the 
significance of the special economic zones and important role in the host [9]. 
In conclusion, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the region is to land in China to learn 
the advanced systems and mechanisms, new a new kind of modern enterprises and 
government institutions; is the use of foreign capital, technology and advanced 
management, the formation of a new industrial system, to boost the national 
economy, greatly emancipated productivity. Opening up of the SAR, bonded, large 
coastal open economic and technological development, and the subsequent opening 
up of inland areas and border owe a great deal! []      
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