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  '''Authorization'''<<BR>> The initial proposal is to use HDFS permissions to 
determine whether Howl operations can be executed.  For example, it would not 
be possible to drop a table unless the user had write permissions on the 
directory holding that table.  We need to determine how to extend this model to 
data not stored in HDFS (e.g. Hbase) and objects that do not exist in HDFS 
(e.g. views).  See HowlSecurity for more information.
+ '''Dynamic Partitioning'''<<BR>> Currently Howl can only store data into one 
partition at a time.  It needs to support
+ spraying to multiple partitions in one write.
  '''Non-partition Predicate Pushdown'''<<BR>> Since in the future storage 
formats (such as RCFile) should support predicate pushdown, Howl needs to be 
able to push predicates into the storage layer when appropriate.
  '''Notification'''<<BR>> Add ability for systems such as work flow to be 
notified when new data arrives in Howl.  This will be designed around a few 
systems receiving notification, not large numbers of users receiving 
notifications (i.e. we will not be building a general purpose publish/subscribe 
system).  One solution to this might be an RSS feed or similar simple service.

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