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New page:
== Introduction ==
A number of bugs have been filed against Pig that roughly fall under the area 
of poorly defined or undefined semantics.  In the 0.9 Pig release
we would like to take on a number of these issues, clarifying semantics where 
they are unclear, defining them where they are undefined, and
correctly them where they are clearly wrong.  This page will classifies the 
existing bugs and indicates what we believe the proper fix is for

== Categories ==
The bugs have been placed into the following categories:
 * Schema:  These are related to schemas that are improperly inferred, etc.
 * Grammar:  Places where the grammar is unclear or produces unexpected results.
 * Two Level Access:  The concept of two level access was introduced long ago 
to deal with oddities in bag schemas.  Ideally we will remove this.  At least 
we have to improve it.

== Bug Table ==
|| *JIRA* || *Category* || *Proposed Solution* ||
|| [[|PIG-1627]] || Schema || 
Flattening a bag with an unknown schema should produce a record with an unknown 
schema ||
|| [[|PIG-1584]] || Grammar || 
Cogroup inner does not match the semantics of inner join.  It is also not clear 
what value the inner keyword has for cogroup. ||
|| [[|PIG-1538]] || Two level 
access || Remove two level access ||
|| [[|PIG-1536]] || Schema || Pig 
one semantic for schema merges and use it consistently throughout Pig ||

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