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            * Define methods within your class whose names begin with test, and 
call JUnit's many assert methods to verify conditions; these methods will be 
executed when you run ant test.
            * Place your class in the test tree.
            * you can run all the unit test with the command `ant test`, or you 
can run a specific unit test with the command `ant test -Dtestcase=<ClassName>` 
(For example `ant test -Dtestcase=TestPigFile`)
+ In addition to code changes, changes to the site documentation might be 
necessary. If so, please, follow the steps:
+     * Install [ forrest]
+     * Checkout site documentation: `svn co`
+     * Edit files in `author/src/documentation/content/xdocs`. See for documentation.
+     * Build the site: (Make sure that JAVA_HOME pointes to java 1.5 as 
forrest does not work with java 1.6)
+         * `cd author`
+         * `forrest`       
+     * Inspect what's in build/site with your browser
+     * Once you are happy with the outcome, commit your changes:
+         * `cp -pr build/site/* ../publish`
+         * `cd ..`
+         * `svn stat`
+         * `svn add ...`
+         * `svn commit -m "blah blah"`
+     * Upload the changes to the documentation site: (The changes will appear 
an 1 hour after the update.)
+         * `ssh`
+         * `cd /www/`
+         * `svn up`
  == Generating a patch ==
  === Compilation ===

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