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     2.  Include the Jira issue id in the commit message, along with a short 
description of the change and the name of the contributor if it is not you. Be 
sure to get the issue id right, as this causes Jira to link to the change in 
Subversion (use the issue's "All" tab to see these).
     3.  Resolve the issue as fixed, thanking the contributor. Always set the 
"Fix Version" at this point, but please only set a single fix version, the 
earliest release in which the change will appear.
+ In addition to code changes, changes to the site documentation might be 
necessary. If so, please, follow the steps:
+     * Install [ forrest]
+     * Checkout site documentation: `svn co`
+     * Edit files in `author/src/documentation/content/xdocs`. See for documentation.
+     * Build the site: (Make sure that JAVA_HOME pointes to java 1.5 as 
forrest does not work with java 1.6)
+         * `cd author`
+         * `forrest`       
+     * Inspect what's in build/site with your browser
+     * Once you are happy with the outcome, commit your changes:
+         * `cp -pr build/site/* ../publish`
+         * `cd ..`
+         * `svn stat`
+         * `svn add ...`
+         * `svn commit -m "blah blah"`
+     * Upload the changes to the documentation site: (The changes will appear 
an 1 hour after the update.)
+         * `ssh`
+         * `cd /www/`
+         * `svn up`
  ##== Dialog ==
  ##Committers should hang out in the #hadoop room on 

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