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  semantics specified
+ == Feedback from Design Review Meeting ==
+    * Currently schemas are attached only to tuples.  As part of these changes 
we should allow a schema to be attached to a bag.
+    * We need to specify what happens when load encournters a tuple that 
doesn't match a user provided schema (For example, user says a = load 'myfile' 
as (a int, b float, c long), what happens if load finds a record with 2 fields, 
with 4?  We should not fail, should give a warning.  But do we keep the record 
and try to fit it in (either trimming extra columns or adding nulls for missing 
ones) or do we drop the record?
+    * Need to back through the design and make clear what the impact of having 
nulls in it is.
+    * Originally we had proposed to make bags take any other type, not just 
tuples.  Need to consider the impact of that vs the benefits.
+    * Do we want to change the name of Tuple to Record and Bag to List or 
RecordSet, for clarity?

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