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   1. A specific way of submitting jobs to Hadoop: Hadoop Streaming
   2. A form of processing in which the entire portion of the dataset that 
corresponds to a task in sent to the task and output streams out. There is no 
temporal or causal correspondence between an input record and specific output 
-  3. The use of non-Java functions with Hadoop.
+  3. The use of non-Java functions with Pig.
  The goal of Pig with respect to streaming is to support #2 for (a)Java UDFs, 
(b)non-Java UDFs and (c)user specified binaries/scripts. We will start with (c) 
since it would be most beneficial for the users. It is not our goal to be 
feature-by-feature compatible with Hadoop streaming as it is too open-ended and 
might force us to implement features that we don't necessarily want in Pig.

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