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  The following serializers/deserializer will be part of pig distribution:
-  1. !DefaultSerializer, !DefaultDeserializer as described above
+  1. !DefaultSerializer, !DefaultDeserializer as described above (This is 
going to be PigStorage)
   2. !PythonSerializer, !PythonDeserializer 
+  3. !BinarSerailzie, !BinaryDeserializer - treats the entire file as byte 
stream - no formating or interpretation.
  Each deserializer will be implementing `LoadFunc` interface. Each serializer 
will be implementing `StoreFunc` interface. `StoreFunc` interface will be 
extended with `void flatten() throws OperationNotSupportedException;` method 
that would indicate that the data needs to be flattened before it is 
serialized. The class can choose not to support this functionality and through 
an exception.

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