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  = Pig Wiki =
- [ Pig] is a platform for analyzing large data 
sets. Pig's language, Pig Latin, is a simple query algebra that lets you 
express data transformations such as merging data sets, filtering them, and 
applying functions to records or groups of records. Users can create their own 
functions to do special-purpose processing. 
+ [ Pig] is a dataflow programming environment 
for processing very large files. Pig's language is called Pig Latin. A Pig 
Latin program consists of a directed acyclic graph where each node represents 
an operation that transforms data. Operations are of two flavors: (1) 
relational-algebra style operations such as join, filter, project; (2) 
functional-programming style operators such as map, reduce. 
+ Pig compiles these dataflow programs into (sequences of) map-reduce jobs and 
executes them using Hadoop. It is also possible to execute Pig Latin programs 
in a "local" mode (without Hadoop cluster), in which case all processing takes 
place in a single local JVM.
- Pig Latin queries execute in a distributed fashion on a cluster. Our current 
implementation compiles Pig Latin programs into Map-Reduce jobs, and executes 
them using Hadoop cluster. It's also possible to execute queries 
- in a "local" mode (without Hadoop cluster), with performance limitations 
caused by running all processing in a single local JVM.
  == General Information ==

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