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  = Pig Tutorial =
- (page in progress ...)
+ (''page in progress ...'')
+ == Running the Pig Tutorials ==
+ You can run the Pig tutorials in local mode or on a Hadoop cluster:
+  * To run Pig in local mode, no Hadoop or DFS installation is required. All 
files are installed and run from your local host and file system.
+  * To run Pig on a Hadoop cluster, you need access to a Hadoop cluster and 
DFS installation.
+ The Pig JAR file and the Pig tutorial file include everything you need to run 
in local mode or on a Hadoop cluster.
+ === Java Installation ===
+ Your run-time environment should include the following:
+  * Java 1.5 - preferably from Sun. 
+  * Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the root of your Java 
+ === Pig Installation ===
+ To install Pig, do the following: 
+  1. Download the Pig JAR file (pig.jar)
+  1. Define an environment variable with the location of the Pig JAR file. For 
example, export PIGDIR=/home/me/pig (bash, sh) or setenv PIGDIR /home/me/pig 
(tcsh, csh).

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