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  $ java -cp $PIGDIR/pig.jar org.apache.pig.Main -x local tutorial-local.pig
-  1.#6 Review the results (either tutorial-local-results.txt or 
+  1.#6 Review the results (either the tutorial-local-results.txt or 
tutorial-join-local-results.txt file in your local directory):
  $ ls -l tutorial-local-results.txt
@@ -52, +52 @@

  To install and run the Pig scripts on a Hadoop cluster, do the following:
   1. Download the Pig tutorial file (''... not available yet'').
-  1. Unzip the file in a directory on your system. 
+  1. Unzip the file in a local directory on your system. 
   1. Review the contents of the [#Pig_Tutorial_File Pig Tutorial File].
   1. Review the [#Tutorial_Pig_Script Tutorial Pig Script] and 
the[#Tutorial_Join_Pig_Script Tutorial-Join Pig Script].
-  1. Copy the exite.log file to your DFS directory.
+  1. Copy the exite.log file from your local directory to your DFS directory. 
View the file in your DFS directory.
  $ hadoop dfs –copyFromLocal excite.log .
+ $ hadoop dfs -ls
   1.#6 Set the HADOOPSITEPATH environment variable to the location of your 
hadoop-site.xml file.
   1. Execute the following command (using either tutorial.pig or 
  $ java -cp $PIGDIR/pig.jar:$HADOOPSITEPATH org.apache.pig.Main tutorial.pig
-  1.#8 Review the results (either tutorial-results.txt or 
+  1.#8 Review the results (the files are located in either your 
tutorial-results or tutorial-join-results DFS directory):
- $ hadoop dfs -ls tutorial-results.txt
+ $ hadoop dfs -ls tutorial-results

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