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= Piggy Bank - User Contributed Functions =

This is a place for Pig users to share their functions. The functions are 
contributed "as-is". If you find a bug or if you feel a function is missing, 
take the time to fix it or write it yourself and contribute the changes.

== Using Functions ==

To see how to use your own functions in a pig script, please, see 
PigLatin[#Applying_functions]. Note that only JAVA functions are supported at 
this time.

The functions are currently distributed in source form. Users are required to 
checkout the code and build the package themselves.  No binary distributions or 
nightly builds are available at this time.

To build a jar file that contains all available user defined functions (UDFs), 
please follow the steps:

 1. Checkout UDF code: `svn co`
 2. Build the jar file: from `trunk/contrib/piggybank/java` directory run 
`ant`. This will generate `piggybank.jar` in the same directory.

To obtain `javadoc` description of the functions run `ant javadoc` from 
`trunk/contrib/piggybank/java` directory. The documentation is generate in 
`trunk/contrib/piggybank/java/build/javadoc` directory.
To use the functions, you need to figure out the package to which it belongs. 
The top level packages correspond to the function type and currently are:

org.apache.pig.piggybank.comparison - for custom comparator used by ORDER 
org.apache.pig.piggybank.evaluation - for eval functions like aggregates and 
column transformations
org.apache.pig.piggybank.filtering - for functions used in FILTER operator
org.apache.pig.piggybank.grouping - for grouping functions - for load/store functions

The exact package of the function can be seen in the javadocs or by navigating 
the source tree.

== Contributing Functions ==

For details on how to create UDFs, please, see Note that only JAVA functions are 
supported at this time.

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