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  This is a place for Pig users to share their functions. The functions are 
contributed "as-is". If you find a bug or if you feel a function is missing, 
take the time to fix it or write it yourself and contribute the changes.
+ [[Anchor(Using_Functions)]]
  == Using Functions ==
  To see how to use your own functions in a pig script, please, see PigLatin. 
Note that only JAVA functions are supported at this time.
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  For details on how to create UDFs, please, see Note that only JAVA functions are 
supported at this time.
+ To contribute a new function, please, follow the steps:
+  1. Check existing javadoc to make sure that the function does not already 
exist as described in [#Using_Functions]
+  2. Checkout UDF code as described in [#Using_Functions]
+  3. Place your java code in the directory that makes sense for your function. 
The directory structure as of now has two levels: function type as described in 
[#Using_Functions] and function subtype (like math or string for eval 
functions) for some of the types. If you feel that your function requires a new 
subtype, feel free to add one.
+  4. Make sure that your function is well documented and uses 
[ javadoc] 
style of documentation.
+  5. Make sure that your code follows Pig coding conventions described in 
+  6. Make sure that for each function, you add a corresponding test class in 
the test part of the tree.
+  7. Submit your patch following the process described HowToContribute

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