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     * In the current (1.2) and earlier releases, storage functions are case 
sensitive. This will get changes in the future releases.
     * !PigStorage can only store flat tuples, i.e., tuples having atomic 
fields. If you want to store nested data, use !BinStorage instead.
+ [[Anchor(Debugging_Your_Scripts)]]
+ === Debugging Your Scripts ===
+ Pig provides several ways to assist in building and validating your script.
+  * `describe` command allows to review schema of a particular relation.
+  * `explain` command shows logical and physical execution plan to compute a 
particular relation.
+  * `illustrate` command shows step-by-step execution of your script on a 
small data sample.
+ All three commands are described in [ Grunt 
  === Working with Compressed Files ===

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