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+Apache Pig
+Pig is a dataflow programming environment for processing very large files. 
+language is called Pig Latin. A Pig Latin program consists of a directed
+acyclic graph where each node represents an operation that transforms data.
+Operations are of two flavors: (1) relational-algebra style operations such as
+join, filter, project; (2) functional-programming style operators such as map,
+Pig compiles these dataflow programs into (sequences of) map-reduce jobs and
+executes them using Hadoop. It is also possible to execute Pig Latin programs
+in a "local" mode (without Hadoop cluster), in which case all processing takes
+place in a single local JVM. 
+General Info
 For the latest information about Pig, please visit our website at:
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+Getting Started
+1. To learn about Pig, try
+2. To build and run Pig, try and
+3. To check out the function library, try
+Contributing to the Project
+We welcome all contributions. For the details, please, visit
+Incubator Disclaimer
 Apache Pig is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software
 Foundation (ASF). Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects 

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