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  || [ PIG-125] || better error 
handling; might already have it; need to verify || No ||
  || [ PIG-179] || On hadoop 0.16, 
some jobs using combiner fail with an NPE || Already fixed in rework (the code 
using RecordReader in types branch is same as in trunk as of now. For this 
code, the patch is not applicable) ||
  || [ PIG-178] || Use of schema on 
a secondary output of SPLIT throws IndexOutOfBoundsException || No ||
- || [ PIG-324] || Combiner error 
|| No ||
+ || [ PIG-324] || Combiner error 
|| This is currently an open issue in trunk (as of 09/15/2008) - however the 
script in the issue runs fine in Types branch with small data ||
  || [ PIG-113] || Make Grunt's 
explain output more understandable; Explain is already in the right format || 
Yes ||
  || [ PIG-237] || pig allows to 
overwrite existing files addressed in the type branch according to Pi need to 
verify. (Per Pi: PIG-237 code was copied from type branch so don't need to 
merge) || Yes ||

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