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     * The storage function shown above is the default and can be omitted. 
     * In the current (1.2) and earlier releases, storage functions are case 
sensitive. This will get changes in the future releases.
     * If you don't want give names to fields, the AS clause can be omitted. 
You can refer to the fields by position, $0 for the first field and so on. 
+    * If you do provide AS clause, you need to make sure to name all the 
fields in your data or you can get wrong results.
     * You can specify more complex schemas in the AS clause (see 
     * If your records are stored in some special format that our functions 
can't parse, you can of course write your own storage function (see 
     * In Pig, relations are ''unordered'', which means we do not guarantee 
that tuples are processed in any particular order. (In fact, processing may be 
parallelized, in which case tuples are not processed according to ''any'' total 

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