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==== Install Eclipse ====
Eclipse is an open source development community.  If you have not already done 
so, download and install Eclipse on your development machine. For more 
information, see [ Eclipse] and 
[ Eclipse IDE for Java 

==== Download and Install the Eclipse Plugins ====
For Pig, you need the [ 
JavaCC plugin] and the[ Subclipse Subversion 

To download and install the plugins:
 1. Open Eclipse 
 1. Select Help > Software Update > Find and Install...
 1. Select Search for new feature to install
 1. Add the two plugin sites using one of these options:
 * New Remove Site (''enter the Name and URL for each site'')
 * Import Sites (''use the attached file:'' PigEclipse.xml)
 1.#5 From the "Site to include in search" list, select the two plugin sites: 
Eclipse JavaCC ''and'' Subsclipse update site
 1. Click Finish - and follow the prompts to download and install the plugins

==== Add the Pig Trunk Repository ====
To add the Pig trunk repository:
 1. Open Eclipse
 1. Select file > New > Other...
 1. Choose SVN, Repository Location > Next
 1. Under the General tab:
 * URL:
 * Use a custom label: Pig
 1.#5 Click Finish

To view the results:
 * Window > Open Perspective > Other... > SVN Repository Exploring
 * Window > Show View > SVN Repositories

==== Create a Java Project ====

First, create a directory on your development machine (for example "mypig") and 
checkout the Pig source form SVN:

Note: Windows users will need to download and install TortoiseSVN 

To create a Java project:
 1. Open Eclipse
 1. Select file > New > Other ...
 1. Select Java Project
 1. On the New Java Project dialog:
 * Project name: !PigProject
 * Select: Create project from existing source
 * Directory: browse to the "mypig" directory on your development machine and 
select the Trunk directory
 1.#5 Click Next
 1. Click Finish

To view the results:
 * Window > Open Perspective > Java
 * Window > Show View > ''see the various options ...''

==== Update the Build Configuration ====
After the Java project is created, update the build configuration.

To update the build configuration:
 1. Open Eclipse
 1. Select Window > Open Perspective > Java (to open the !MyPig project)
 1. Select Project > Properties
 1. For the Java Build Path, check the settings as shown below.

src-gen -> To get this do "ant clean jar" externally which will create this dir 
(refresh in eclipse to see it)
test -> Make sure nothing is excluded

The default output folder should be bin.


lib/jline-XXX.jar -> Appears with latest Pig version only 


Order and Export
Should have be the following order:

JRE System Library
all the jars from the "Libraries" tab


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