Great, thanks !
I am assuming this might also fix load related schema issues too (with BinStorage) ? Looked kind of similar issue as I reported in pig usergroup.

- Mridul

Pradeep Kamath (JIRA) wrote:

Pradeep Kamath updated PIG-690:

        Fix Version/s: types_branch
             Assignee: Pradeep Kamath
    Affects Version/s: types_branch
               Status: Patch Available  (was: Open)

The root cause of the issue is while merging schemas, the code recursively merges subschemas if a field is a tuple or a bag. At that point, it does not properly attribute the type to be bag if that was the case. It always marks the type as tuple whenever the field schema is of type bag or tuple. This is fixed in the patch and a unit test case has been added which tries to union two relations which have a bag field.

UNION doesn't work in the latest code

                Key: PIG-690
            Project: Pig
         Issue Type: Bug
   Affects Versions: types_branch
        Environment: mapred mode. local mode.has the same problem under linux.
code is taken from trunk
           Reporter: Amir Youssefi
           Assignee: Pradeep Kamath
            Fix For: types_branch

        Attachments: PIG-690.patch

grunt> a = load 'tmp/f1' using BinStorage();
grunt> b = load 'tmp/f2' using BinStorage();
grunt> describe a;
a: {int,chararray,int,{(int,chararray,chararray)}}
grunt> describe b;
b: {int,chararray,int,{(int,chararray,chararray)}}
grunt> c = union a,b;
grunt> describe c;
2009-02-27 11:51:46,012 [main] ERROR - ERROR 
1052: Cannot cast bag with schema bag({(int,chararray,chararray)}) to tuple 
with schema tuple
Details at logfile: /homes/amiry/pig_1235735380348.log
dump a and dump b work fine.
Sample data provided to dev team in an e-mail.

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