Please add DataTypes.toString() conversion function

                 Key: PIG-745
             Project: Pig
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: David Ciemiewicz

I'm doing some work in string manipulation UDFs and I've found that it would be 
very convenient if I could always convert the argument to a chararray 
(internally a Java String).

For example TOLOWERCASE(arg) shouldn't really care whether arg is a bytearray, 
chararray, int, long, double, or float, it should be treated as a string and 
operated on.

The simplest and most foolproof method would be if the DataTypes added a static 
function of  DataTypes.toString which did all of the argument type checking and 
provided consistent translation.

I believe that this function might be coded as:

    public static String toString(Object o) throws ExecException {
        try {
                        switch (findType(o)) {
                        case BOOLEAN:
                            if (((Boolean)o) == true) return new String('1');
                            else return new String('0');

                        case BYTE:
                            return ((Byte)o).toString();

                        case INTEGER:
                            return ((Integer)o).toString();

                        case LONG:
                            return ((Long)o).toString();

                        case FLOAT:
                            return ((Float)o).toString();

                        case DOUBLE:
                            return ((Double)o).toString();

                        case BYTEARRAY:
                            return ((DataByteArray)o).toString();

                        case CHARARRAY:
                            return (String)o;

                        case NULL:
                            return null;

                        case MAP:
                        case TUPLE:
                        case BAG:
                        case UNKNOWN:
                            int errCode = 1071;
                            String msg = "Cannot convert a " + findTypeName(o) +
                            " to an String";
                            throw new ExecException(msg, errCode, 
                } catch (ExecException ee) {
                        throw ee;
                } catch (Exception e) {
                        int errCode = 2054;
                        String msg = "Internal error. Could not convert " + o + 
" to String.";
                        throw new ExecException(msg, errCode, PigException.BUG);

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