Converting load/store locations into fully qualified absolute paths

                 Key: PIG-758
             Project: Pig
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Gunther Hagleitner

As part of the multiquery optimization work there is a need to use absolute 
paths for load and store operations (because the current directory changes 
during the execution of the script). In order to do so, we are suggesting a 
change to the semantics of the location/filename string used in LoadFunc and 

The proposed change is:

   * Load locations without a scheme part are expected to be hdfs (mapreduce 
mode) or local (local mode) paths
   * Any hdfs or local path will be translated to a fully qualified absolute 
path before it is handed to either a LoadFunc or Slicer
   * Any scheme other than "file" or "hdfs" will result in the load path to be 
passed through to the LoadFunc or Slicer without any modification.


If you have a LoadFunc that reads from a database, in the current system the 
following could be used:

a = load 'table' using DBLoader();

With the proposed changes table would be translated into an hdfs path though 
("hdfs://..../table"). Probably not what the DBLoader would want to see. In 
order to make it work one could use:

a = load 'sql://table' using DBLoader();

Now the DBLoader would see the unchanged string "sql://table".

This is an incompatible change, but hopefully not affecting many existing 
Loaders/Slicers. Since this is needed with the multiquery feature, the behavior 
can be reverted back by using the "no_multiquery" pig flag.

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