Hadoop Developers, we'd like to let you know about a special developer
offsite: http://hadoop-developer-offsite.eventbrite.com/

On the Friday after the summit, we're inviting committers from all
Hadoop sub projects to get together for a day of real life camaraderie
and a chance to attack some of the issues that are best solved face to
face. We'll specifically focus on:

* Understanding the major development challenges for the year ahead
* Building consensus on the relative priorities of key upcoming features
* Improving integration among sub projects
* Best practices for packaging and distributing code (making life
easier for the ops guys)

We also realize that many developers that aren't yet committers will
have valuable input, and we'd like to accommodate as many as we have
room for. If you aren't a committer, but are actively involved in
development, please register as an applicant, and we'll work with the
committers on each project to squeeze in as many as we have room for.
We know we can't accommodate everyone, but we will do our best, and
will of course circulate notes from the meeting.

Christophe and the Cloudera Team

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