I was able to download the archive, verify the checksum and run the unit
test cases successfully. However, I was not able to run the tutorial.
One of the following has to be fixed:

1. The release notes should not reference the wiki for the tutorial.
2. The wiki for the tutorial has to be updated to allow users to run the
tutorial successfully.

Pending the fix for the aforementioned problems, +1 for the release.


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Subject: [VOTE] Release Pig 0.3.0 (candidate 0)

I created a candidate build for Pig 0.3.0 release. The main feature of
this release is support for multiquery which allows to share computation
across multiple queries within the same script. We see significant
performance improvements (up to order of magnitude) as the result of
this optimization.
I ran the rat report and made sure that all the source files contain
proper headers. (Not attaching the report since it caused trouble with
the last release.)
Keys used to sign the release candidate are at
Please, download and try the release candidate:
Please, vote by Wednesday, June 24th.

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