Jing Huang commented on PIG-833:

Here is an example for different data types:
final static String STR_SCHEMA = "s1:bool, s2:int, s3:long, s4:float, 
s5:string, s6:bytes, r1:record(f1:int, f2:long), r2:record(r3:record(f3:float, 
f4)), m1:map(string),m2:map(map(int)), c:collection(f13:double, f14:float, 

final static String STR_STORAGE = "[s1, s2]; [m1#{a}]; [r1.f1]; [s3, s4, 
r2.r3.f3]; [s5, s6, m2#{x|y}]; [r1.f2, m1#{b}]; [r2.r3.f4, m2#{z}]";
On schema side, s1, s2....s6 are simple data type.   m2:map(map(int)): meaning 
m2 is a map of map. m2's value is a map and this inner map's value is a int 
type.   (key is always string type)
 r2:record(r3:record(f3:float, f4)): meaning r2 is a record with one field 
which is a record (r3). r3 is a record with two fields: f3: float and f4: 
default type bytes.

On storage side, i.e  [m1#{a}] meaning map m1 with key 'a' in this column 
group.  [s5, s6, m2#{x|y}] meaning s5, s6 and map m2 with key 'x' or 'y' in 
this column group. [r2.r3.f4, m2#{z}] meaning record r2's record r3 with field 
f4 and map m2 2ith key 'z' in this column group.


> Storage access layer
> --------------------
>                 Key: PIG-833
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-833
>             Project: Pig
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>            Reporter: Jay Tang
>         Attachments: hadoop20.jar.bz2, PIG-833-zebra.patch, 
> PIG-833-zebra.patch.bz2, PIG-833-zebra.patch.bz2, 
> TEST-org.apache.hadoop.zebra.pig.TestCheckin1.txt, test.out, zebra-javadoc.tgz
> A layer is needed to provide a high level data access abstraction and a 
> tabular view of data in Hadoop, and could free Pig users from implementing 
> their own data storage/retrieval code.  This layer should also include a 
> columnar storage format in order to provide fast data projection, 
> CPU/space-efficient data serialization, and a schema language to manage 
> physical storage metadata.  Eventually it could also support predicate 
> pushdown for further performance improvement.  Initially, this layer could be 
> a contrib project in Pig and become a hadoop subproject later on.

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