Actually, their goal is the same: to analysis large volume of data based on
hadoop.  They both support UDF to extend its functionality. hive also
support plug-in map-reduce script.

I think the biggest difference is their script languages: pig use pig-latin
(maybe support sql in future) while hive use sql.

To me, I prefer the pig-latin, it's more intuitive especially when script is
a little long.

2009/9/8 刘祥龙 <>

> Hi, everyone. I am trying to use pig, but now I am confused about what the
> difference is between Pig and Hive, which is more powerful or more
> convenient for users. In addition,  what is their difference from SQL.
>  Could someone help me about these questions or give me some advices?  I
> will be very appreciated.
> Thanks, everyone!
> Best Wishes!
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> Liu Xianglong

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