Alan Gates reassigned PIG-342:

    Assignee: Brandon Dimcheff

> Size of DistinctDataBag is calculated incorrectly if spill occurs and 
> non-distinct elements are inserted
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>                 Key: PIG-342
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-342
>             Project: Pig
>          Issue Type: Bug
>    Affects Versions: 0.1.0
>            Reporter: Brandon Dimcheff
>            Assignee: Brandon Dimcheff
>             Fix For: 0.1.0
>         Attachments: size.patch
> If a spill occurs while elements are being inserted into a DistinctDataBag, 
> it's possible that non-unique items will be added to the in-memory data 
> structure, and the mSize counter will be incremented.  If the same elements 
> also exist on disk, the count will be higher than it should be.
> The following is copied from an email exchange I had with Alan Gates:
> Alan,
> Thanks for your help.  I've done a bit more experimentation and have 
> discovered a couple more things.  I first looked at how COUNT was 
> implemented.  It looks like COUNT calls size() on the bag, which will return 
> mSize.  I thought that mSize might be calculated improperly so I added 
> "SUM(unique_ids) AS crazy_userid_sum" to my GENERATE line and re-ran the 
> pigfile:
> GENERATE FLATTEN(group), SUM(nice_data.duration) AS total_duration, 
> COUNT(nice_data) AS channel_switches, COUNT(unique_ids) AS unique_users, 
> SUM(unique_ids) AS crazy_userid_sum;
> It turns out that the SUM generates the correct result in all cases, while 
> there are still occasional errors in the COUNT.  Since SUM requires an 
> iteration over all the elements in the DistinctDataBag, this led me to 
> believe that the uniqueness constraint is indeed operating correctly, but 
> there is some error in the logic that calculates mSize.
> Then I started poking around in DistinctDataBag looking for anything that 
> changes mSize that might be incorrect.  I noticed that on line 87 in 
> addAll(), the size of the DataBag that is passed into the method is added to 
> the mSize instance variable, and then during the iteration a few lines later 
> mSize is being incremented when an element is successfully added to 
> mContents.  I thought this might be the problem, since it seems like elements 
> would be double counted if addAll() was called.  I commented out line 87, 
> recompiled Pig, and ran it again, but there are still errors (though I do 
> think line 87 might be incorrect anyways).
> Thanks to my coworker Marshall, I think we may have discovered what the 
> actual problem is.  The scenario is as follows:  We're adding a bunch of 
> stuff to the bag, and before we're finished a spill occurs.  mContents is 
> cleared during the spill (line 157).  All add() does is check uniqueness 
> against mContents.  So now we will get duplicates in mContents that are 
> already on disk and an inflated mSize.  Now, the reason why SUM works is 
> because the iterator is smart and enforces uniqueness as it reads the records 
> back in. We think this occurs at the beginning of addToQueue, around line 363 
> - 369.  mMergeTree is a TreeSet, so it'll enforce uniqueness and the call to 
> addToQueue is aborted if there's already a matching record in mMergeTree.
> Do you think our assessment is correct?  If so, it seems that the calculation 
> of mSize needs to be significantly more complex than it is now.  It looks to 
> me like the entire bag will need to be iterated in order to reliably 
> calculate the size.  Do you have any ideas about how to implement this in a 
> less expensive way?  I'd be happy to take a stab at it, but I don't want to 
> do anything particularly silly if you have a better idea.

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