On 14/09/16 11:03, Eric Anholt wrote:
I've applied Dylan's comments to the RFC series, and I've pushed a
starting trace-db with reference images for my i965 and vc4:



This is great initiative IMO.

One suggestion: you can get much smaller traces by repacking traces into the Brotli format.

For example:

$ wget https://github.com/anholt/trace-db/raw/master/traces/humus/HDR.trace
  $ apitrace repack --brotli HDR.trace HDR.brotli.trace
  $ du -sh HDR*.trace
  4.5M  HDR.brotli.trace
  7.2M  HDR.trace

I introduced Brotli format precisely because some legacy OpenGL apps that don't use VBOs yield a mind boggling traces. But with effective compression it's managable again. For some of these we see traces 10x smaller going from snappy to brotli.

The decompression speed is a bit slower in terms of CPU, but when factored disk access time, it's a net win too.

The only thing to keep in mind is that qapitrace will not work with brotli files because they are not seekable. But it's just a matter of repacking again to snappy (the repack operation is lossless.)

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