says that strlen is deprecated and that we are supposed to use sizeof
instead.  At the same time, I see new Pike code beeing committed that
use strlen (282a8a93 by Grubba 2018-01-04, a5c5c7cd by Bill
2017-12-22, be932f508271a by Arne 2017-10-31, 26da463c by Martin
2017-02-21, ff2876e2cb by Grubba 2017-01-30) (in some cases this is
just an strlen that is moved, but still).

To be fair, there is also some new code that uses sizeof(string).

I get why strlen(multiset|array|mapping|object thing) is deprecated,
but peronally I'd like to keep strlen(string) as a supported
function.  I think it sometimes produces more readable code.
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