Tobias S. Josefowitz wrote:
>When I need new features in Pike 8.0, I simply branch off, backport
>the changes, and then occasionally merge 8.0 back into my branch as
>required. I actually believe this to be common practice, as this is a
>simple and workable approach that is in line with our commit policy
>for the stable branch both in words and in spirit.

Well, for internal uses I already did this, of course.
However, the Debug.Rapidlog module:
- Allows for better testing which improves stability.  
- Is small.
- Has no external dependencies.

So, committing it to 8.0 would improve stability for 8.0, hence the
suggestion to consider it for inclusion there.
Then again, it's just a suggestion, I'll keep using a forked 8.0 for as long
as I need to improve 8.0's stability (basically hunting for race conditions
in Sql.pgsql and Stdio.Buffer; they happen once per 24 hours on average
on a busy server).

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