Committed fixes to both 8.1 and 8.0.

The symptoms I had was that during a read_cstring(), the range_error()
at times was called with a negative number.
At that point, the cstring was already partially consumed and gone from the
buffer (below offset = 0).

I then scrutinised the Stdio.Buffer code to look for race conditions, and the
only thing I could come up with is that because of the excursion to
range_error(), somehow the buffer content changes and/or the
locked_move lock is accidentally removed, and read_cstring() subsequently
doesn't understand what happened.

The fix avoids the use of io_rewind() after range_error() calls and is modelled
after that what sscanf() does, i.e. call range_error(0) to indicate the amount
we need is unknown.

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