I noticed that pike-level already is already archived at The Mail Archive[1], 
so I’ve subscribed this list as well. If all goes well, I’ll also attempt to 
get the history added.

If all goes well, they should be accessible here:



> On Oct 7, 2021, at 12:27 PM, H William Welliver <will...@welliver.org> wrote:
> Hi-
> There isn’t really an official online archive, unless you count accessing the 
> archives via the mailing list’s email interface. There used to be an archive 
> at nabble, but that seems to have disappeared in the last month or two as 
> nabble has mostly shut down. 
> I’ve got a fairly complete full text index going back to 1996, though 
> indexing of current messages is not always instantaneous. 
> http://www.gotpike.org/pikemlarchives/
> I’ve considered setting up a browsable index, but never got very far on that 
> effort. If folks think that’s useful, I could certainly put some effort into 
> that. Thoughts on the subject are always welcome.
> Bill

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