I've /never/ been fond of OOP, but if I'm to continue with Pike, I
figure I should at least try to understand Pike's very of OOP.

From: https://pike.lysator.liu.se/docs/tut/oop/creation_and_usage.md

Creating and Using Objects

Assuming that we have the class animal, we can define some
variables that can be used to store animals. Remember that the
class is also a data type. We can also create some animals to put
in those variables. To create an animal, we use the syntax
*classname*(), i e the name of the class followed by a pair of

animal some_animal;
some_animal = animal();
animal my_dog = animal();

The three statements are confusing to me.
So a class called "animal" has been created and exists! OK ..

"animal some_animal;" ?? Are we cloning the class here to create an

"some_animal = animal(); ??  So what's this than?

"animal my_dog = animal(); ?? It seems to me that this should be
the cloning statement to create a particular object of the animal

It's all a bloody muddle to me. I'm sure that I must be reading it
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