Hi David-

I'm not aware of a limitation... is it possible you have a circular reference somewhere? Do you suspect an overall size limitation, or do you think it's because of the number of includes? Removing the content from one or more of the files might give an indication of one vs the other.

Is this a problem you're discovering right after switching to 8.0.1116, or have you been using that version for a while?


On 2022-04-26 11:01, David Estopa wrote:
Hello, Friends of Pike!

On Pike 8.0 1116,   have anybody experienced similar malloc error
trying to include several .h files into a program?

  malloc(): invalid next size (unsorted)
  corrupted size vs. prev_size

My program includes several .h to define several languages constants.
If I include 18 works fine, but cannot include one more.

Is there a max size limit to include files into a pike program?

Thanks in advance.

David Estopà

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