On 5/20/22 7:54 PM, Duke Normandin wrote:
> https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31453255
> Pure coincidence? :)
> --
> Duke

Only the purest coincidence.  :)

I'd been thinking about a project I'd done with Pike about 15 years ago,
and that prompted me to look in my email folder for this list for the
first time in 6 months or so.  By an amazing coincidence (see?), that
happened to be the same day you made your comment.  Which prompted me to
do a search, revealing that indeed Pike is rarely mentioned there, and
hadn't been for over 3 years.  Having seen a few too many rehashes of
the usual debates there recently I thought, hey, let's see what people
have to say...

It turns out to have been one of my most successful posts there, not
dropping off the front page until an hour ago.  Though that probably
says more about how boring I am than how interesting Pike is.


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