Hi, a little question.

We have a roxen that connects correctly to a server without using ssl encription, but from the command line (with pike), we cannot especify the correct options in the optional mapping to force the Sql object to connect to the same server bypassing the ssl protocol or similar. There are a list of all supported mysql client options to use in pike well documented? Or maybe the available options for this mapping, are the same as the displayed on the 'mysql --help' client.

Apologies for the query. Pike is a great language, but sometimes the documentation of some modules or options is very poor.

Kind regards

David Estopa.

El 20/5/22 a las 13:01, Stephen R. van den Berg escribió:
James Latham wrote:
Thanks for the very informative mailing list that you have created.
Is there any way to create a distributable pike program?
You forget to specify the target platform.

Ideally it would be all in one module.
Dropping it inside a minimal docker could be considered a universal solution
these days, I guess.

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