Hello Christian,

check the Sphinx query in the mail log. I suspect that your bcc address is not 
in the query.

The fix depends on what authentication you are using.


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From: "Christian Röser - PELMA" <c.roe...@saftig.net>
Sent: Mon Feb 12 17:37:09 GMT+01:00 2018
To: Piler User <piler-user@list.acts.hu>
Subject: BCC not shown


I need some help. Today I made some tests with my piler installation and I 
found a problem that drives me crazy - but I assume there could be simple 
configuration problem. Messages I receive as bcc are not shown in the search 

I checked if the exchange server behaves correctly, here seems everything fine. 
The system generates two e-mails, one for the normal recipient and a separate 
one for the bcc recipient. Piler receive both e-mails, stores the first one and 
recognizes for the second e-mail that it have the same message-id. In the 
metadata table exists an entry and in the rcpt table two entries for this id. 
Nevertheless only in the search results of the "normal" recipient the message 
is shown.

Is the some parameter missing?

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