Dear piler users,

I've just committed a patchset to the master branch to support
an external dashboard. You may check it how it looks on the demo
site:, use admin@local as username and
pilerrocks as the password.

The commit is actually very simple: if an url is set, then it's
displayed in an iframe in monitor / health menu.

The demo site is fixed to display a snapshot of a grafana dashboard
that's why it displays only a limited time range. (Normally it
would be a grafana link instead of a snapshot).

Of course any monitoring system could be used, provided that it can
be shown in an iframe.

You may use your own monitoring dashboard, or you may sign up for
any 'dashboard as a service' provider. As you may have figured it out
already, I'm about to launch such a service, too.

The details and the pricing are still being polished. Probably there
will be a basic plan consisting a predefined dashboard with a 1 month
retention of the values, and a pro plan with a longer retention supporting
slack/email alerts as well the option to customize the dashboard, eg.
add new graphs, annotations, etc.


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