Hello Oliver,

On 2018-07-11 19:19, Oliver Werner wrote:
i think that i have an issue when importing mails. When using
"pilerimport -e <to-file>.eml" the mail is imported and found in
metadata table.
But when i check the table rcpt there is no record for the new message
exists. In the syslog i don’t get an error. Or when will insert to

By the time you get the shell prompt back, the rcpt table should have been updated as well. So you have the email in the metadata table. Then note its serial id (=the id column), and you should find something in the rcpt table
for the very same id.

Also it may be worth to check what pilertest says about the message, and check the email if the recipients (To:/Cc: header lines) are valid utf8 values.

If nothing happens I'd like to see the message if it's not sensitive. If it is,
then at least show me the unmodified headers to check it myself.


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