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 Sent:   7/25/2018 3:59 PM 
 Subject:   object oriented storage backend for piler 

Dear piler users, 
I got a question recently whether piler supports Digital Oceans' object  
(called 'spaces', see https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/spaces/ for  
Since piler uses files at the moment, the answer is no. However, I find  
an interesting concept, and actually it makes sense to store the data  
in files currently) as objects in Amazon S3, Digital Ocean spaces or  
in minio (which is an open source implementation) of the concept. 
So, my question is if anyone would be interested in beta testing such 
a version of piler? Note that I can't promise any timeline when piler 
will support an object store. 

PS: Pokud vás zajímají naše technické webináře, přihlaste se k odběru našeho 
Youtube kanálu .

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