about one year ago I set up a piler instance for our emails - I found out a lot by myself, but now I do need some help please.

As I don't dare at the moment to update the system we still use piler
1.3.0. After installation on a debian jessie server I tried to follow all the steps and archiving everything worked fine. I imported old emails back down to the year 2001 from pst-files via pilerimport, all was good so far and archiving worked/works.

As you can imagine our archive is filling up with mails, spam messages are archived as well as notifications from gitlab for example, there is a lot of overhead from other resources too.

I know that we should have had these rule before but there was no time to create them (the lack of manpower stood against the urge to create an archive at all). Now we slowly come to the point where we want to create archiving and retention rules but things aren't working as I expected.

I turned on periodic purge in the backend so that calling pilerpurge is allowed to delete anything at all. We created some retention rules, for example all mails sent from our gitlab-instance on another host should be deleted after 30 days. We added some archiving rules saying that everything mared as spam or containing \*SPAM\* in the subject should be ignored and that the existing spam should be deleted via retention rule following the same identification rules and giving a retention time of 1 day. But I can still see "fresh" Spam coming into the archive and the old spam-messages still being held where they are.

When I started pilerpurge it deleted only about 100 messages which is way to few. The retention rules should meet thousands of messages and in addition all emails older than 3561 days should be deleted too but the amount of pilerpurge'd mails so far wasn't so big.

If I try to pilertest an arbitrary message then I never get readable infos but always something like this:

root@piler :/var/piler/store/00/5a1/3d/38# pilertest 400000005a105109082cef0400aae4733d38.m
locale: de_DE.UTF-8
build: 955
post parsing...
message-id: null / 74234e98afe7498fb5daf1f36ac2d78acc339464f950703b8c019892f982b90b
from: * ()*
to: * ()*
reference: **
subject: **
body: **
sent: 1541417598, delivered-date: 0
hdr len: 0
body digest: d10a0fcad8f1fe6dee72f70a4d9888604ddfaf3e98b0309ebe23ecabdcd6c542
rules check: (null)
folder: 0
retention period: 1856863998
direction: 0
spam: 0
NOT IN mydomains

Is this supposed to be like this? Do you have any idea what I should do so that more messages are being purged? Especially the retention period seems suspect I think...

And another question is: Do I understand this correctly: purged mails still show up forever in the browser backend and only disappear if I rebuild the index via command line? Is there a way to find out in which folder in the pilerstore at /var/piler/store/00/ the message is stored so I can check there against what the browser backend says?

Thanks for your help, any hints are appreciated.

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