Hello to you all,

I'd like to ask about my intended application scenario for Piler to
create a principally folder-hierarchy navigated archive for our
enterprise emails, which are treated as live data rather than archives
for compliance or occasional / reactive retrieval.

The data is presently not that large (a few gigabytes), but it is
expected to grow rapidly. Up to this stage the data has been contained
in a Microsoft Exchange mailbox (2013), and then in an offline PST. The
move to the offline PST was by necessity, as the large number of
folders, and depth of hierarchy to my best understanding caused the
exchange server / outlook / evolution mail clients to begin to
malfunction. To cope with this the archive was broken up and the bulk
stored in the offline PST and the most active components stored in
online Exchange mailboxes. 

I would like to know that Piler can (once Outlook PST data is imported)
deal with a large number, and deep hierarchy of folders?

The second point I would like to ask about is Piler's folder support (
http://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:folder-support). In the
documentation, it says that the feature is rarely used, and is normally
not needed. Given this, is it likely to be suitable for the application
scenario as above? And secondly will the folder hierarchy created by
Piler's folder support be accessible through an IMAP connection, or
will the folders only exist through the GUI?

I will really appreciate any help and advice you can give.

Best regards,

Arnold Opio Oree
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