Hello Janos,

everything went fine so far and all email are shown in WebGUI again.
Since i'm in a testing environement it worked for me.
I'm going to test this on a productiv system in the next days.

Thanks for this great piece of software an yout help.
I really appreciate this.


Am 25.08.19 um 19:17 schrieb s...@acts.hu:
> Hello,
> On 2019-08-25 18:29, BKH wrote:
>> unfortunately all older emails were gone in WebGUI.
>> After checking sphinx index i found them in spinx index.
>> I dont know how to get then back to WebGUI an so i tried to reindex.
>> But this did not work for me.
>> In fact that this is not a big problem - yes, i made some backups - i'm
>> going to set up a new testing environment.
>> But how to get back emails when they are gone in WebGUI but are found in
>> sphinx index?
> it appears that the index data defined for sphinx v3 is not compatible
> with
> v2 (and vice versa). So do the following:
> - stop searchd
> - rm -f /var/piler/sphinx/*
> - su -c "indexer --all --config /usr/local/etc/piler/sphinx.conf" piler
> - verify that you have files owned by piler in /var/piler/sphinx/
> - startd searchd
> - reindex all emails, ie. su - piler; cd /tmp; reindex -f 1 -t 100;
> /usr/local/libexec/piler/indexer.delta.sh
> After this you should see some emails in the gui. If so, run reindex
> -a (as user piler)
> to reindex all emails.
> Janos

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