I've just redeployed my dev environment. This is how it works (and it works):

I selected 3 emails, then as an auditor I removed them. On the gui they were
greyed out immediately.

Then I ran pilerpurge.py, and noticed in the mail logs:

Aug 28 18:39:00 780405577d9b pilerpurge.py[957]: Purged 3 messages, 4 files, 22098/11248 bytes

However, even though the messages were removed from disk, they were still present in the sphinx database. So I could see them in the upper pane. When I clicked either of them, then lower pane was basically empty (because the messages were gone).

Now the caveat: after running the delta indexer, nothing has changed on the gui. Then after running the daily main indexer, still nothing. The first delta indexer running right after the main indexer did the trick, because the sphinx killlist
(k-list) is tied to the main index.


On 2019-08-28 10:08, BKH - Post wrote:

two days ago i deleted some mails for testing reasons with pilerpurge.py
as it is shown here:

Looking into searchlist with auditor privileges i can see those delted /
purged mails even today.
So i don't know what went wrong here because syslog shows no entries.
Documentation mentiones a killlist feature which i assume to be inside
delta indexer.
Delta indexer runs every 10 minutes in my testing environment.

I'm unsing sphinxsearch 3.11 and piler 1.3.5.

How to "update" sphinxsearch?

Thanks for your help


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