Hello Martin,

On 2020-01-07 17:26, Martin Nadvornik wrote:

although my answer is a bit late, I still want to thank you for your
explanation and example. It worked as expected for our use case. I
already knew about the custom authentication function but I never
thought of performing an ldap bind there to get the required addresses
and add them to the session data.

no worries, you are welcome :-)


Am 22.11.2019 um 21:46 schrieb s...@acts.hu:

Hello Martin,

my first idea was the group feature until I saw you had ruled it out.

Then the custom email query function is to the rescue, see
http://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:custom-authentication for more.

So let's say you have an ldap attribute called 'aaa' with value 'bbb'
having the required email addresses, and the manager is

Then put a similar function to config-site.php:

$config['CUSTOM_EMAIL_QUERY_FUNCTION'] = 'my_custom_func';

function my_custom_func($username = '') {
   $session = Registry::get('session');
   $data = $session->get("auth_data");

   $extra_emails = [];

   if($data['email'] == 'mana...@yourdomain.com') {
      $ldap = new LDAP($ldap_host, $ldap_port, $ldap_helper_dn,

      if($ldap->is_bind_ok()) {
         $query = $ldap->query($ldap_base_dn, "aaa=bbb");
         $extra_emails = $query->rows;

   $data['emails'] = array_merge($data['emails'] , $extra_emails);

   $session->set("auth_data", $data);

Note that you may have to fine tune the ldap query, need to do some
polishing on the $query->rows
part. Also be sure to check out checkLoginAgainstLDAP_real() function
in model/user/auth.php
to see how it works.


On 2019-11-22 20:30, Martin Nadvornik wrote:
Hello fellow piler users,

I am currently trying to find a way to give managers the ability to
search e-mails of employees who are not anymore with the company. I know
that in general you can give the owner of one address the ability to
access other addresses by using an alias or distribution list. However in our case the e-mail accounts of prior employees don't exist anymore and their e-mail addresses should not be reachable. Therore using alias
or distribution lists are not an option.
It would be possible of course to create groups directly in piler but
maintaining such groups by hand is not really efficient. So I am looking
for a way to use the group feature using LDAP.
The easiest method for us would be if there was a config value that just
tells piler which LDAP attribute to use and just allows the logged in
user access to every addresses listed in the attribute. But this needs
some development effort as far as I can tell.

Is there anyone who has done this before? Any recommendations to solve
this are welcome.


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