I think Janos offers good thoughts.

Personally I would keep the old VM running and install everything fresh. Then 
point your email servers at this new Piler VM. Next, either migrate info from 
the old system or just keep it and don't migrate. Of course, not migrating 
would mean you need to have two separate systems when it comes time to look for 
old messages.

I've never performed a migration and don't know what it entails so perhaps it's 
rather painful. But from what I've seen in this forum Janos is very responsive 
with questions.

Oh, and one last thought ... you could just keep the old system running as-is 
forever. Just be certain you've got it reasonably locked down in terms of 
security and access. My personal motto is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and 
have been running Piler since 2014 on a Linux box that's never seen an upgrade 
in 5-years.

Best of luck!

  Jason Morrill

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From: Janos SUTO <s...@acts.hu>
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Subject: Re: Upgrade or reinstall on newer OS version ?

Hello Yann,

I have no experience upgrading through several LTS versions. A mysql -> mariadb 
switch should not hurt. Anyway, be sure to backup the database, or even better 
snapshot the whole vm. When the os upgrade is ready, be sure to recompile Piler.

Be sure to stop all piler related processes even the ctontabs while upgrading 
the os.

The other option could be to start a new vm with the choice of a recent distro 
with the latest master of Piler. Then export all emails from old server, and 
import to new one. This approach has the benefit of having everything new and 
up to date, however you need a lengthy import process.

On 10 Jan 2020, at 09:18, Yann Lehmann 
<arist...@free-it.ch<mailto:arist...@free-it.ch>> wrote:

Hello Everyone

Our Piler server is doing good so far (only service on a virtual
machine), but it is running on Ubuntu 14.04, which is no more supported.

I would like to either upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 (actual LTS, or may be
wait some time and go to 20.04 the next LTS) or move to Debian 10. I
know that on Ubuntu, an in place upgrade is only possible from one LTS
version to the next, so in my case, it would be from 14.04 to 16.04, and
then to 18.04.

I also know that if I upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04, I would have
to upgrade Mysql (or move to MariaDB) before the upgrade.

What path would you advise: in place upgrade or move/reinstall on newer
os ? And what were your experiences with in place upgrades on Ubuntu ?

Thank's in advance for any advice and best regards

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