Hello Ryan,

this must be definitely a bug. What piler version do you use?
Try selecting the first 1000 rows for id=37, and check if the
recipients are actually all different.

Do you still get new rcpt rows for id=37?
I suspect that piler tries to keep processing the very same email.


On 2020-05-02 09:41, Ryan Blenis wrote:

Just a question about the table. I took a look at the data, and I've
got 23 million rows in there, however I kept seeing id 37 pop up. I
queried for "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM rcpt WHERE id = 37" and got a count
of 3,116,977.

I was under the impression (perhaps mistakenly) that the table was
used to store recipients of the email linked on metadata.id [1] - but
certainly no email had 3 million recipients. Can you let me know what
I'm missing here? Thank you.

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