On 2020-07-31 17:16, Wagner, Patrick wrote:

So that issue is fixed now, but has unearthed another - I can find and
open all mails just fine as auditor@local, and logging in with my
personal account works as well (I'm shown only my emails, as it should
be), but another email address / account I've tested doesn't show any
emails even though the usage report and my login as auditor definitely
contains emails for this email address? I've even used copy and paste
out of the usage report UI to change email address and username for
the piler account in question (basically a NOOP, as there was no typo
before either)

check the sphinx query logged when this other user hits the search button. Verify that his email addresses are present in the query. If that's good,
then download or export a single email he should see, and run pilertest
on the email to see what piler thinks about it. Check that the From/To/Cc
fields have his email address.


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