Hello Patrick,

of course check what Janos said first, but if it's just one single
e-mail account where mails are not shown in the webgui, it would be
interesting if the account has access in piler to an address that is
longer than 41 characters. I stumbled upon this for our piler instance
Let me know if you have the same issue.


Am 31.07.2020 um 17:34 schrieb s...@acts.hu:
> On 2020-07-31 17:16, Wagner, Patrick wrote:
>> So that issue is fixed now, but has unearthed another - I can find and
>> open all mails just fine as auditor@local, and logging in with my
>> personal account works as well (I'm shown only my emails, as it should
>> be), but another email address / account I've tested doesn't show any
>> emails even though the usage report and my login as auditor definitely
>> contains emails for this email address? I've even used copy and paste
>> out of the usage report UI to change email address and username for
>> the piler account in question (basically a NOOP, as there was no typo
>> before either)
> check the sphinx query logged when this other user hits the search
> button.
> Verify that his email addresses are present in the query. If that's good,
> then download or export a single email he should see, and run pilertest
> on the email to see what piler thinks about it. Check that the From/To/Cc
> fields have his email address.
> Janos

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