Hi Janos,

Quick question on reindexing and its effect on the size of the sphinx files.

If I reindex something that is already in the index, will there be
duplicates in sphinx wasting space, or is this detected and removed?

Background: We weren't searching for anything old normally, so we cleared
the sphinx data and only indexed the last years worth of data. Now we have
requests for data from parts of 2018, 2017, etc. that we've reindexed as
needed to make searchable, but the more requests come in it seems it would
be better to reindex everything and just throw resources at it if needed
and cut out the "manual" process of manually indexing anything prior to a
year ago as the requests come in. If I reindex everything, will I be
wasting space and should start fresh, or will the duplicates be filtered
out at some point in the process (e.g. not wasting space)?

Thank you as always.

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